Thursday, October 14, 2004

Third Debate News Polls

Kerry Wins Debate in CBS Poll; Candidates Even in ABC News Poll

CBS said its poll of uncommitted voters found 39 percent said Kerry performed better, 25 percent picked Bush and 36 percent called the results a tie.

The ABC poll of 566 voters found 42 percent picked Kerry as the winner, 41 percent chose Bush and 14 percent said they tied.
Given that many more Republicans voted in ABC's poll, Kerry clearly did better among the undecideds. Although one could sum up all of the debates this way: Everyone did ok except for Bush in the first debate. That will surely be the pivotal event if Kerry wins the election.

On a side note: I've written many posts about losing faith in American democracy lately. And I still think the country has some major issues that need to be fixed for the country to function politically for another few hundred years. But, flawed as they were, these four debates have done a lot to restore my faith in the political systems ability to "correct" itself. By now people have had a chance to see the "real" candidates and they can make an informed decision. I will disagree with the majority if they pick Bush but at least I won't think they made their decision exclusively based on the word of Karl Rove and the Swift Boaters.

Of course, there's a flip side of this argument: The country is four debates away from having no functional democracy at all. What if there is another terror attack in September 2008, the whole country acts like a bunch of idiots again and grants the sitting president anything he wants, and one of his wishes is that we skip the presidential debates on the grounds of national security? Think about it... it's not that far-fetched.

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