Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Conservatives and "Intellectual Transparancy"

This is why Andrew Sullivan is head and shoulders above most other Conservatives:
...I do think there is an issue of intellectual transparency here. I was a strong backer of the war in Iraq and still am. But precisely because of that, I feel compelled to grapple with the obvious difficulties that have ensued. I feel I missed certain important things, was deluded on a couple of important points (WMDs, for example, and Bush's competence in general), and now I'm making amends, of a sort. It's not pretty and I've been slammed and ridiculed for this. I've lost thousands of readers. But I cannot see I have much of a choice. Bush's failures are so glaring you have to put blinders on to ignore them.
So I ask my readers (if I have any, besides my dad) who supported the war and now support Bush: Are you being honest with yourself? Is the famous Bush "determination" so powerful and important that it overshadows anything that has happened in post-war Iraq? Is the mainstream media really so biased that it can be blamed for all the "bad" reports on Bush's foreign policy? Can you look at yourself in the mirror when you answer "yes" to these questions? :) (feedback to is welcome)

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