Tuesday, October 19, 2004

'Conservative' Bush Spends More than 'Liberal' Presidents Clinton, Carter

This is old news (2003) but it is important that people understand Bush's non-defense spending record:
The new estimates show that, under Bush, total outlays will have risen $408 billion in just three years to $2.272 trillion: an enormous increase in federal spending of 22 percent. Administration officials privately admit that spending is too high. Yet they argue that deficits are appropriate in times of war and recession. So, is it true that the war on terrorism has resulted in an increase in defense spending? Yes. And, is it also true that a slow economy has meant a decreased stream of tax revenues to pay for government? Yes again.

But the real truth is that national defense is far from being responsible for all of the spending increases. According to the new numbers, defense spending will have risen by about 34 percent since Bush came into office. But, at the same time, non-defense discretionary spending will have skyrocketed by almost 28 percent. Government agencies that Republicans were calling to be abolished less than 10 years ago, such as education and labor, have enjoyed jaw-dropping spending increases under Bush of 70 percent and 65 percent respectively.

Coupled with the Bush tax cuts this has got to be the most fiscally irresponsible president in a long time. So, if you're a fiscal conservative voting for Bush in 2004 you're seriously misinformed.

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