Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Bush does not "Know His Enemy"

Just read Follow the Mullahs by Stephen Grey. This highlights the differences I have with Bush's foreign policy:
According to Alastair Crooke, the former European Union negotiator with Hamas and other radical Islamic groups, who is now working on a project to increase Western policymakers' understanding of Islam, many such groups, including Hamas and Hizbollah, are utterly opposed to the activities of bin Laden and Zarqawi - indeed, to any form of jihad outside what they regard as occupied territory. Yet the U.S. government classifies Hamas and Hizbollah in the same terrorist category as al-Qaeda. 'The biggest mistake the West makes is to disregard these differences and to demonize almost the entire spectrum of political Islam,' Crooke says.
How can you fight an effective "war" if you show no interest in knowing your enemy?

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