Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Last Word on VP Debate

I think this piece by Sullivan (quote below) sums up my lasting impression of the debate. I personally thought it was very close (Edwards a little better on delivery) but that's in part because I respect Cheney's intelligence and his command of the facts after 30 years or more in politics. In terms of voter impact Sullivan gets it right though:
Here's my best shot. Inevitably, at this stage of the game, especially after the wild swings of the race in the last month or so, people are getting committed to seeing their side win. Bias undoubtedly affects judgment. My deep disenchantment with Bush doubtless contributed unconsciously to my feeling that Edwards won. And vice-versa with some die-hard Republicans. But most of the people actually rooting for one side or the other are not the people who will decide the election. Those people are undecideds. And for them, it seems to me, the debate wasn't even close: Edwards won.

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