Wednesday, December 08, 2004

So, the UN General Assembly gives a standing ovation for Kofi Annan. If you're a UN-hating right-wing nut-job that's bad news.

Unless, of course, you can spin it with good headline that is both true and makes it sound like a bad thing. How about "The General Assembly, while suspected of giving the bird, gives a standing ovation for Annan"? Hmm. How would you clap your hand with one finger though?

I've got it. Let's use a political reference that is clear yet negative. Like "UN representatives, including followers of Adolf Hitler, applaud their leader". That's it! The perfect headline!

PS: I am appalled at the so-called conservative nut-jobs over at All they could come up with was "Soviet-Style Vote of Support for Annan". Losers.

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