Thursday, December 09, 2004

The GOP war on the UN

The campaign to remove him as UN chief has been bolstered by a TV video on the website of a Republican action group, which calls for the UN to be kicked out of New York, where it sits on prime real estate on Manhattan's East River. The voiceover of 'Get the UN out of the USA', which runs over pictures of Yasser Arafat cradling a Kalashnikov, accuses the UN of becoming an 'apologist and defender of terrorists and their agents'. It claims that money diverted by Saddam Hussein from the UN-administered oil-for-food programme was used to pay the Palestinian families of suicide bombers and to fund the Iraq-based insurgency. 'It's time we sent a message to the UN: we're not going to tolerate their conduct any more,' it says.
Unfortunately for the RVNJ (right-wing nut-jobs):
Although the Americans can make his life difficult, as they fund a quarter of the UN budget, they can only replace him by obtaining the agreement of the other permanent Security Council members. At present, veto-holding powers such as Britain and France are firmly sticking with Mr Annan.

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