Monday, December 06, 2004

More Democrats who want Kofi's head

The Sun has insightful quotes from Jewish-American Democrat and City Council Member Simcha Felder:
...he will introduce legislation December 15 "asking that the city not do anything to help the U.N. expand, since it's really been the core of hate against democracy, hate against America, and against anyone who stands for freedom."
"This is a body that does not stand for freedom," he said of the United Nations, "and anyone who wants to help them will be viewed by the voters and by constituents as someone supporting a body that's in favor of torture, supporting countries ... that have a record of destroying freedom, that hate America and all things American."
Fellow Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner (also Jewish-American) says:
"Its members run up parking tickets, fritter away oil-for-food money, and pass resolutions that are virulently anti-Israel."

"The U.N. thumbs its nose at U.S. policy-makers and New York taxpayers ... the U.N. barely goes a week without doing something that infuriates me," Mr. Weiner added.
Jews and Republicans forming quite an alliance here. Can reason stand up to such a powerful foe? I doubt it.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out on the international scene. Looks like the Brits won't cave in like they did over Iraq. Can Republicans, Jewish-Americans and Israel push world opinion enough so that Kofi will have to go? Can they close down the U.N. completely?

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