Friday, December 03, 2004

Lynch Mob's Real Target Is the U.N., Not Annan

Lynch Mob's Real Target Is the U.N., Not Annan:
The oil-for-food program was developed and directed not by U.N. civil servants but by the U.N. Security Council, as are all the organization's sanctions regimes. The diplomats who ran the program worked for the council's member states, including the United States and the four other permanent members. And they ran it according to the interests of those states, with the U.S. and Britain determined to prevent Iraq from importing items that could be used for military purposes and the French, Russians and Chinese equally determined to give the Iraqis the benefit of every doubt. Preventing theft was at the bottom of everyone's to-do list. The U.S. government had dozens of people monitoring the contracts but didn't hold back a single one on the grounds of corruption, price irregularities or kickbacks.
Let's hope the investigations turn out sufficient evidence to show the world what jack-asses these conservative UN-bashers really are.

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