Friday, December 17, 2004

A message to Bush from his family Consigliere (James Baker)

More Ways to Stay Safe:
Now it's the time to address another critical component of the commission's report that can help increase global security and protect us against future attacks. The report calls for an increased investment in the full range of diplomatic, development and humanitarian tools to improve conditions in and relations with regions of the world that might be breeding grounds for terrorism. These are the very tools encompassed within the U.S. international affairs budget.

'Terrorism is not caused by poverty,' the commission said. 'Yet when people lose hope, when societies break down, when countries fragment, the breeding grounds for terrorism are created. . . . Economic and political liberties tend to be linked.'
A Republican and a Bush adviser talking about international development, diplomacy and poverty reduction! What has the world come to?? He almost sounds like a liberal! (Or a "leftie", "softie", "dove", "European" or any other derogatory term for a non-Conservative.)

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