Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Right-Wingers and Dissent

This angry post by Greg Djerejian makes me wonder if all right-wingers harbor a fascist streak. I've been reading B.D. for a while and I will continue to do so because of Greg's excellent analysis. But I really don't understand why he continues to beat up on Ward Churchill (calling him a "deeply disingenuous scoundrel" among other things).

Why is it when it comes to "un-patriotic left-wingers" conservatives just can't say they disagree and then leave it at that? I guess that's why they're conservatives. If they said "I strongly disagree that America has itself to blame for 9/11 but I welcome their additions to the debate" then I guess they would be liberals.

UPDATE: Just to be clear; I don't think Greg Djerejian qualifies for the label "fascist", I just think the tone of this particular post does. His attitude towards Ward Churchill is more one of condemnation ("Who is this man?" he asks) than debate. I've seen a similar attitude in some of Andrew Sullivan's writing. And I am disturbed because Greg and Andrew are both among my favorite writers.

As Tim H./diachronic agency says:
I join Churchill's detractors in regarding that statement as false and inflammatory. But, alas, it may well be majority opinion across the globe.

Shouldn't college students, and indeed all of us, be exposed to what most people in the world think of us? We're in a sorry state if we believe that stopping up our ears -- and our children's ears -- is the best way to argue back.
True liberals (of the "enlightenment", not "socialist" tradition) will always resist "stopping up our ears".

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