Thursday, February 10, 2005

A Republican Against Torture

Via Yglesias, a rare treat:
The Republican Party has spent so many years in the minority that sometimes I think we have not adjusted to the fact that we are in power. We are in power now. We control both Houses of Congress and we have our people throughout the administration. We don't need to wait for the Democrats to raise this issue. We can't hide behind the worry that exploring our practices is going to get a President elected who is going to retreat from Iraq. We are the party which leads the most powerful country in the world. And lead it we must. President Bush must be shown that the Republican Party is not willing to stand for the perversion of our moral standards.
A Republican with perspective, honesty and human decency. Not even a trace of a knee-jerk Bush defense. It brought a tear or two to my eyes...

UPDATE: I take back my compliments because Sebastian Holsclaw can't be a Republican!

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