Thursday, September 30, 2004

Spam for Kerry

Got this e-mail from the Kerry campaign (from a "Mark Perloe" - I've removed the actual e-mail addresses but there were hundreds of them):
John Kerry needs your help to help control the immediate post debate spin. Your email letters can make the difference. Please share this list with anyone you know who might be willing to help flood the media with :"Kerry was great!" emails.

After the debate, we must let the media know who we thought won. We should bombard major networks with our opinions; statments like, "In the debates, I felt I really got to know John Kerry, and I now trust him" or, "the president seemed confused" would be appropriate and effective. In this thread please discuss what type of message we want to send to the media, and how best to send it.

The following list contains most of the major media outlets' email addresses. When emailing please BCC [blind copy] this long list.
Maybe I should write a quick e-mail send script and produce hundreds of "Kerry is great!" messages about one hour BEFORE the actual debate? Might be fun.

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