Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Fox News and Reality

From a friend - a very interesting study. It looks at three specific questions:
  • Are there links between Al Quaeda and Iraq on 9/11?

  • Were WMD found in Iraq?

  • Does/did the rest of the world support the US invasion of Iraq

Not surprisingly, the study found that people who get their news from Fox were the most misguided, whereas those who got their news from PBS/NPR were the least misguided. The "ranking" goes something like this:
  1. Fox News

  2. CBS

  3. ABC

  4. CNN

  5. NBC

  6. Print media

  7. PBS-NPR

Conservatives frequently say that the "liberal media" is biased to the left just like Fox is biased to the right. This study shows the media bias is not "right" or "left" but rather "propaganda" and "reality". At least on the issue of Iraq.

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