Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Playing to Strength

Playing to Strength - Why the Democrats should stop calling Bush stubborn.

This is interesting. It essentially says that people like stubborn (or "firm") leaders, hence the Democrats would do better calling Bush a flip-flopper. This is probably a good idea, which is sad, because there is no doubt that Bush' single greatest weakness is the fact that he never considers the two sides of an issue, and thus DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THE WORLD!

Of course, I can see how this would be different in a war. Having a war commander who is stubborn and never gives up is probably a good thing (like Churchill). Which is, of course, why it matters so much whether we're at war or not. Like most non-Americans I don't think we are, no more than we're at war with "Crime", "Drugs", or "Tobacco".

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