Thursday, November 04, 2004

Views from the Right

Have been reading some right-wing responses to the election such as Robert Novak and Hugh Hewitt. The common thread seems to be that liberals "don't understand" America. Novak says:
The electorate is simply too conservative for the Democrats, as shown by the defeat of Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle in South Dakota. The formula of taking the straight liberal line in Washington and talking conservative at home does not work when a Democrat's every move becomes visible as a member of the leadership.
It is a Republican country, but it is very hard for the left to see this because they believe so deeply in their agenda.
I think they have a good point. When I lived in a blue state (MA) I did not realize how conservative most Americans are. Those who grew up in a a red state would try to tell me but I could never quite comprehend it. The jokes about "flyover country" and "square states" did help.

Now, living in Atlanta I've realized that white Americans consider Democrats to be spineless, if not traitors. That's why Kerry lost.

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