Sunday, January 15, 2006

Iran! What's the recent talk all about?

Need some basic information and a sensible, pre-packaged opinion on Iran? (Just to tie you over until you catch up on your own reading, of course.) Timothy Garton Ash to the rescue.
Now we face the next big test of the west: after Iraq, Iran. As the Islamic revolutionary regime breaks the international seals on its nuclear facilities, and prepares to hone its skills in the uranium enrichment that could, in a matter of years, enable it to produce nuclear weapons, we in Europe and the United States have to respond. But how? If we mishandle this, it could lead not only to the edge of another military confrontation but also to another crisis of the west.
Found the link via Yglesias, who cleverly points out something worth keeping in mind:
Subtantively, we pretty obviously can't invade Iran. I don't even see how we could realistically bomb Iran unless we left Iraq first since the Army is not only bogged down there, but pinned down and exposed to Iranian reprisals.
UPDATE: Here is James Fallows if you want the full rundown.

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