Thursday, October 06, 2005

Life in Georgia

The AJC points out that Governor Sonny Perdue's decision to close the schools when Rita struck may have been influenced by oil and farm industry lobbyists. And how do the people of Georgia respond? With overwhelming support for the Governor of course. Commenter Scott, for instance, thinks we should go even further:
I applaud Sonny’s decision and think he did what was best for the state of Georgia and set an example of how states can help the country during this time of crisis. Too many people are trying to make too much out of this. Personally, I think we need to go ahead and add two hours to each school day and switch to a four day school week. That will not only save gas but it will also save on heating all those school buildings this winter and after listening to WSB Radio’s report this morning on rising natural gas prices will also help the state and the country.
Of course, some people are always out to spoile the fun:
The Governor is clueless, the President is blank, our tanks are on empty, and Georgia’s educational system is at the bottom of the barrel. I can’t wait for my children to hurry up and graduate (from private school) so that I can finally leave this backward state.

Any way you slice this mess, right or wrong, Republicans will blindly justify, anything, to protect their beloved party. It is scarey to think that the differences between terriorists abroad with their one mind mindset, justification of everything in the name of religion is pretty similar to the tactics that the Republicans are using here. I used to really respect Republicans for their sense of fairness, personal and financial responsibility.
Luckily, the "patriots" know how to stand up for themselves:
If you don’t like this “backward” state, GET OUT! No one is begging you to stay. Who do you think you are? We don’t need people like you here anyway. Anyone who compares the Republican Party to terrorists is sick. I am proud to be a Georgian. We should want to support the Governor and his decision in this time of crisis. Thank you to our farmers for working so hard and rarely getting any recognition or support from its citizens.
What's not to love about Georgia??

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Dan said...

Get yourself to New England as quickly as possible, Mads! I don't think Georgia is backwards because in order to be backwards you have to have a distinct direction in the first place.

Go Red Sox.