Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Republicans and National Security

Kevin says:
Until Patrick Fitzgerald finishes his investigation, we won't know everything that really happened here. In fact, we still might not know even then. But we've learned one thing already: when presented with even a hint of evidence that someone on their team has treated national security with cavalier disdain, conservative concern with national security gets thrown overboard without a second thought.

UPDATE: Kevin, who is thankfully back from vacation, has more.


Dan said...

This seems to be the central issue, until we learn more, and it is being utterly ignored in favor of speculative minutae. I have been preaching this to everyone I know, but they are all left-wingers, so they already agree with me. When I preach it to people at work they just say, "Wow, yeah, I don't really know much about that whole deal."

These are people who read the paper every single day. What the hell is going on?

Mads said...

Yeah, it is truly amazing. During the Clinton years my political awareness was much lower so I really don't know this but I find it very hard to imagine that liberals turned such a blind eye to negative news about "their" administration.

You should try to show your colleagues this letter though. My conservative/liberarian friend Jay responded "I haven't heard any reporting or opinion about this letter, so based solely on its contents I agree that the agents have a very valid point, and I agree with what they say completely."