Sunday, January 23, 2005

"We told you so."

Friedman notes:
What's sad is that right when we have reached crunch time in Iraq, the West is totally divided. All that the Europeans care about is being able to say to George Bush, 'We told you so.' What happens the morning after 'We told you so' ? Well, the Europeans don't have a Plan B either.
I must confess: There are times when I feel like the Europeans. (That I am European is besides the point.)

So I take pride in my liberal and humanitarian world view, yet when it comes to Iraq I am reduced to wishing (by implication) for Iraqis to die in civil warfare just because I strongly dislike George W. Bush and what he represents. That's why divisive policies are so bad. Rational, moderate and (mostly) well-meaning people like me become irrational.

Because of people like me it may be difficult for Bush & Co. to win "hearts and minds" in his second term. As Friedman points out:
Condi Rice told the Senate that the "time for diplomacy is now." Give me a break. The time for diplomacy was two years ago.
Back in 2002/2003 I didn't even oppose the war in Iraq. I figured Bush probably had some good reasons along with the not-so-good ones. Now look at me.

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